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Frequently Asked Questions

◊ How can I get Information and Technology Group (I&TG) Support?

For remote access connectivity or other technical issues, please visit the following internal I&TG web site or call the help desk at (847) 286-1394.

◊ What is remote access? How to get it?

Remote access allows an associate to logon to the Sears Holdings network if the associate is outside the network.  This includes the intranet, email and shared drives.  SHC Merchant Workbench is an extranet and can be accessed without making a VPN connection to the Sears Holdings network.

To connect to the Sears Holdings Corporate Intranet from outside the network please see Remote AccessPlease note you must be on the network to access this information.

◊ I am setting up the Sears Holdings Corporate Intranet as my home page. How do I set it up?

Go to the Sears Holdings Corporate Intranet home page. For most browsers:

  1. Click "Tools", then "Internet Options"
  2. Click "Use Current", then "Apply"
  3. Now when you click "Home" it will automatically load that page.

Note: The Sears Holdings Corporate Intranet home page allows you to add links to the sites you visit most often like and To add your links, click on "My Links”, then "Edit" and add them in.


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